The Realization of Structural Vision


A building is far more than a structure, which serves a commercial, industrial, retail or residential purpose. It is the fulfillment of an architect’s concept, brought to life by innovative engineering.


Matsen Ford Design Associates, Inc. is an authorized, licensed building and structural design firm with a full complement of professional in-house engineers and designers. It is our job to put finish and structure to the architect’s and clients vision.


Founded in 1987 by registered Professional Engineers and principals, John Matsen and Pat Ford, the company was inspired by the building community’s need for consultants that could perform structural designs that incorporated cold-formed steel framing. Both Matsen and Ford had established a strong, reputable presence in the industry. The partnership that they forged was designed to capitalize on their extensive engineering knowledge and cold-formed steel framing experience.


Matsen Ford Design’s success is a direct result of combining the right group of individual talents and having them work together as a team. Over the years, this team has placed the client’s best interest above all else, developing structural solutions that are safe, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing.