Speaking a Common Language


At Matsen Ford Design, our definition of communication is twofold. First, it is the exchange of information through the use of common symbols. As design engineers, it is our job to discover ways to help complete projects faster with improved quality. This means taking an architect’s vision and finding solutions that will enable a sub-contractor to execute the project successfully and in a timely manner.
We also view communication as a level of personal rapport with our clients that facilitates our job. Building relationships is key to developing the most cost-effective and functional designs. Making our clients and their projects shine is our top priority, Meeting our discriminating standards of sound engineering satisfies our professional goals as well. 


Putting Time on Your Side
Each of our engineers and designers is CAD trained to maximize efficiency. We are always aware of our client’s deadlines and strive to surpass their expectations. By creating complete and easy-to-read drawings, we also reduce the amount of time that will need to be spent with uncertainties during construction.


Ensuring Cost Effectiveness and Accuracy
Matsen Ford Design is a detail-oriented firm that aggressively seeks out information before work begins so that our methods and drawings are as thorough as they can be. Our designers are known for their precision and patience. This gives our clients an edge in meeting schedules and budgets. Combined with knowledge of local, municipal, state and national building codes, this expertise helps clients build structures that are not only practical, but pleasing.