Project: Jefferson Block | Milwaukee | WI

Architect: TDI Associates, Inc.
Engineer: Matsen Ford Design Associates, Inc.
Owner/Developer: New Land Enterprises, LLC



Jefferson Block is a three phase mixed use apartment building in Milwaukee’s third ward. The structural systems included steel with bar joists, masonry, precast and cast-in-place concrete; and on phases two and three, cold-formed steel C-joists and bearing walls of five and six stories.

This project involved the initial use of USG’s ‘Levelrock’ over metal deck, as well as initial (test batch) areas of ‘Forticrete’ floor sheathing over C-joists on phases two and three. Innovative structural engineering solutions included the flexible concrete beam grillage foundation on a very restrictive reclaimed site; staggered bar joists for single bearing member load reduction; the cementitous deck solution on an almost entirely cold-formed steel structure, and a bracketed
“bolt-on” balcony design for phases two and three.