Project: The Sterling | Milwaukee | WI

Architect: TDI Associates, Inc.
Engineer: Matsen Ford Design Associates, Inc.
Owner/Developer: New Land Enterprises, LLC


11 stories above grade with 1 1/2 stories below grade mixed-used
building (residential, retail and parking) on Milwaukee's East Side.
4-story (above grade) pre-cast post and beam with hollow core plank.  1st level also includes retail along Farwell Ave.  Parking garage extends 1 1/2 stories below grade with Cast-In-Place Foundation.

8-story residential load-bearing cold-formed steel structure sits on top of 17" wet cast 4th level transfer deck.  Wall framing varies from 12-18 gage (6" @ exterior with mix of 6" and 3 5/8" @ interior) supporting 10" deep Trade-Ready Joist system with cementitious floor sheathing.  The eight stories of cold-formed steel structure is one of the tallest such designs yet in existence.


Lateral stability provided by 2 stair and 1 elevator core built from 12" reinforced masonry @ Sub-Basement thru 4th level and 8" reinforced masonry @ levels 4 thru 11.  Masonry is reinforced with both vertical and horizontal bars.