Our vision subscribes to the credo of the professional engineer, dedicating knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare. As we serve our clients and the public good, we will grow in our relationships, partnerships and organizational structure, to set Matsen Ford Design Associates, Inc. apart from its competition as the industry’s benchmark for quality and leadership.




Matsen Ford Design Associates, Inc. is in business to serve the public welfare as an industry leader in structural design and a specialist in cold-formed steel framing. Serving commercial, institutional, residential and industrial clients nationwide, we offer a unique blend of creativity, design and project management in providing practical design solutions for our clients’ individual needs.

The framework upon which we build our organizational success is a genuine concern for the public good, painstaking commitment to customer needs and a solid engineering and technical background.

At Matsen Ford Design, we recognize the power of individual commitment and individual relationships, and we work hard to ensure that both are contributing factors to the success of our clients’ projects.